huge selection of high-quality presentations sharing insights of conquered problems, lessons-learned and in-house research. Most of these user-presentations featured industry leaders such as  Airbus, Baker Hughes, Boeing, NASA, DNV, Rolls Royce, GE… and many many others…where they showcased the bleeding edge in realistic simulation.The conference included several other enjoyable features such as keynotes, general lectures, special interest groups, meet the experts, technical deep dives topped off by a really nice banquette making it all in all a very memorable event!

forensic usage of Abaqus to uncover the mysteries of the deep sea horizon accident. Luckily for both of us, I don’t have to publish my personal notes from the conference as Simulia decided to make the SCC Proceedings available on swYm. I highly recommend that you take a look at this comprehensive collection of the papers from the SCC. There is something in there for everyone who works with realistic simulation!

covered what they consider to be under utilized functionality, best practices, new applications, new enhancements and tips-and-tricks. These sessions have now been recorded and made available as eSeminars on swYm. These deep dives includes topics such as “Contact and Convergence“, “CFD”, “Extreme Deformation: CEL, SPH and DEM”, “Optimalization”, “Fatigue”, “Performance: Solvers, Large models, Modeling know-how” and “Abaqus/CAE: Tips & Tricks“. Its definitely worth checking out!

Adidas” and  “Computer Based Design Exploration & Optimization in the Aerospace Propulsion Industry – Pratt & Whitney Perspective”.  I got to meet a bunch of really nice people and engage conversations with authorities within the field of realistic simulation. Listening to all their thoughts about the current use and future development of simulation technology was immensely inspiring. I hope that more users would prioritize to learn more about their field and get in touch with simulation colleagues, and grow as a community. I grew a lot as an Abaqus user during the days of SCC14 and I am already looking forward towards the next Simulia Meets which currently are:

  • Simulia Regional User Meeting, held in Oslo 22-23th of September 2014
  • Simulia Community Conference 2015, held in Berlin 19-21th of May

we are currently on the look-out for interesting presentations for the Nordic Simulia Regional User Meeting in September! Please get in touch if you want to submit something! Either way, we hope to see you there!

SCC14 proceedings are available at
Technical Deep Dives are available at