Here is an example:—na-ma-fergene-slankes-med-2.500-tonn

This mistake could have been discovered earlier during the development phase if dedicated tools would have been used to monitor compliancy to requirements and to do cross discipline design reviews.

And this is what is delivered with the 3DEXPERIENCE solution for Marine and Offshore.

If you have 48s, please have a look at the commented video below, it will give you an overview of the Design Review capabilities.

3DEXPERIENCE® Solutions, Design Review


3DEXPERIENCE® Solutions, Key benefits for Design Review

Monitor compliancy to requirements, regulations, and technical budget consumption

A clear example is the weight requirements in different sections of the ship.   Efficient tools are provided to either compute or assign the weight as defined by the actual part.  The entire design is color coded to clearly show the weight compliancy status.  To help the user make decisions, weight distribution in the ship is shown visually.  This gives an indication of where the weight can be reduced to help become compliant with the weight technical budget.

Cross discipline design reviews and coordination

Productive tools are provided to promote design review collaboration across multi-disciplines.  Formalized design review session can be created for a specific topic.  This review session can include all the impacted design data, and the involved reviewers.  An example could be penetration management.  A dedicated review session can be created with all what is required to conduct this review in 3D.   Using this review session, the reviewers can track issues, identify concerns, and propose resolutions.  All the feedback from the design review session can be included and associated to the same review session and the associated 3D design data.

Real time dashboards, reports, and BOMs

Project information can be accessed in real time via dynamic dashboards. Very significant information such as design maturity, check out status, change history, requirement traceability can all be quickly and easily accessed directly from the 3D design allowing users to understand information much quicker and therefore be more production.  In addition, users can create custom reports simple and easily to communicate design information.