A few weeks back, I was made aware of a bug in release 6.14-1. The description of the bug was as follows:

In Abaqus/CAE, trying to copy and paste in certain tables
can cause the Windows clipboard to not function

It turns out that this is very inconvenient if you use third-party software such as excel or similar to create graphs to do comparisons. This bug was luckily resolved quickly thereafter (in 6.14-2).

My first response was to quickly create a workaround in the form of a simple python script (included at the end of the post).

I knew that the XYdata was intended to be visualized in excel, so I tried a few ways to quickly create a graph.

I quickly learned that the outputted values should:formated

  1. have the same decimal separator marker as Excel (comma separated)
  2. be separated by a tab – so that Excel puts the values in different columns

The values are stored as “.txt” files with the same name as the XYdata in Abaqus/CAE and obeys the two rules above. I can easily copy/paste these values directly into Excel and click a button to get a graph.










So, if you often work with graphs in excel – you might find this script useful – see below to get it!

[sourcecode language=”python” wraplines=”false” collapse=”false”]
# exportXYdata.py 2014-10-13
# Ebbe Smith – PLM Technology AS
# Imports
from abaqus import *
from abaqusConstants import *

# Functions

def main():

for xyDataKey in session.xyDataObjects.keys():
xyData = session.xyDataObjects[xyDataKey]

with open("%s.txt" % xyDataKey, ‘w’) as fp:
for line in xyData:
nline = "%ft%fn" % (line[0], line[1])
fp.write(nline.replace(‘.’, ‘,’))


# Entrypoint

if __name__ == ‘__main__’: