We are proud to announce the first release of “Python for Abaqus”, interactive lessons primarily aimed at analysts who crave more control over their favorite FEM application!


Coefficient of Variance for integration points within each element.

Python scripting is a powerful tool for Abaqus. The Abaqus Scripting Interface (ASI) is a rich set of commands that is readily accessible. It provides a highly flexible layer that enables users to create a lean and mean FEA workflow. Increase

productivity with customized scripts that aids pre- and post-processing work or extend functionality that let you do tasks that was previously practically impossible.


The lessons will present key-functionality in (hopefully) relevant contexts to show the possibilities within the world of scripting. The students is of course free to bring back basic scripts from the lessons for further in-house development.

Without further adieu we finally present you the following courses:

  • Export XY data to Excel (Beginner, 1 day)
  • Visualize Axial Forces in Trusses (Beginner, 1 day)
  • Create Geometry from Grid data (Beginner, 1 day)
  • FieldOutputs: Factor Of Safety (Beginner, 1 day)
  • FieldOutput GUI (Intermediate, 2 days)

Read more about our lessons here!

We are planning to expand this list in the very near future. Feel free to give us a shout if you have any suggestions for lessons!


Imported height-field from sea-floor

Scripting Services
We offer our in-house python scripting experience as a consultancy service.We can assist in optimizing your workflow and develop functionality that will greatly increase your FEA simulation throughput! Our experience has shown us that only a few days of scripting can have major time-saving impacts, so don’t hesitate to contact us!

Learn how to create lightweight GUIs using Tkinter and AFX

Learn how to create lightweight GUIs using Tkinter and AFX