Most of you have already experienced that Abaqus/Viewer is a very capable tool for graph generation. Built-in functionality enables us to create, edit and visualize XY-data in smooth matter. This is good and all, but often enough these plots will end up in an report and/or distributed widely – not everyone want an odb file. Being able to quickly create Excel files is beneficial as most colleagues and clients have Excel (or similar tools that reads .csv/.xlsx formats) readily available.

Abaqus/CAE is delivered with a plug-in that automatically copies XY-data into Excel. It’s a very handy feature-set that is super easy to use. Let’s say that we have created a simple force-displacement graph, that we’d like to export to Excel – these are the steps we follow:

0. Create the graph


1. Open ‘Plug-ins’->’Tools’->’Excel Utilities’


2. Select the data we want to export



3. Clicking ‘apply’  automatically opens a new Excel workbook with our XY-data readily available



That’s all, easy as pie! Now you can edit and save this document however you please.

Have a great day!