We are developing a tool to help manage Abaqus Tokens by providing real-time statistics and in the future, create rudimentary usage logs. Help us create a great tool by signing up as a beta user.

Getting Real-Time token status

Have you ever wondered about the status of your shared license pool? There is many reasons to why you would want to know how many tokens which is available at any given time…Without a license manager software this has currently been a hassle.

We are currently working on a lightweight Flexnet RT Monitor which pulls licensing data and presents them effortlessly. This is a small in-house project which might evolve to something more useful with your help!


The alpha version features only core functionallity, which is to correctly display the number of available tokens, regardless of extended/portofolio/analysis pack tokens. It re-checks the licensing status every second – so that you will have accurate data at any given time.

  • Display available tokens
  • Show token consumption by solver types
  • Refresh every second to provide Real-Time status
  • Requires no installation, unzip and run


In the next versions we hope to extend the functionality to:

  • Support for DSLS
  • List users/jobs who have allocated tokens
  • Collect rudimentary usage statistics

Signup as a Beta Tester

As a beta tester you will recieve updates and be able to influence the development by providing feedback and feature requests. The “beta user┬áprogram” is free of charge with no legal obligation.┬áThe only requirement is that you have access to Abaqus Tokens. The script will not use any tokens at all, only report current license status.

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