Hello everyone, in this new article, you will learn how to install a new Hotfix on the 3DExperience Platform On Cloud version.

New Hot Fixes are common on 3DExperience Cloud. Like your smartphone applications, they are released often to keep a good stability of the software.

In average a week before a new HF is released, you receive a informative mail from Dassault Systèmes about the released date and a link to the 3DExperience Web Interface.

Then you need to go the web interface, click on the Compass (any quadrant you want) and search for any kind of app. To the right of the app icon, you should see a small arrow similar to this: “>”

Click on this arrow, and there you will see the update button for the new HF.

Install Hot Fix 3DExperience

After clicking, a panel will pops up and tell you to download the latest version of the 3DExperience Launcher, if it is not done already.

Once the 3DX Launcher updated, it will install the new HF for your 3DExperience rich client.

Watch and learn 🙂

Here is a video explaining you how to install a new HotFix on your 3DExperience Cloud Platform via the web browser. It takes around 10min to install a new HF and you do not need any IT skills to do it.

Install new HF on 3DX Cloud

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