Dear CATIA fellow users,

You are having home office because of “corona-times” ? and you are wondering how to get CATIA V5 at home? Various Solution are available:

  1. You can use a VPN connection to stay connected with your license server DSLS (using TeamViewer for instance: However your work computer need to be running and stay online.
  2. If you have a really good internet connection, you can try screen sharing with a third-party software like TeamViewer or Skype. However your work computer need to be running and stay online. You will probably have a latency issues too.
  3. If your internet connection is poor or nonexistent , we recommend you to extract your CATIA V5 licenses for a certain amount of days until you go back to work.

In this article you will learn how you can extract your CATIA V5 licenses for your home computer.

First of all your Home computer/laptop need to be connected to your DSLS Server. You can do that by bringing you home computer to work or connecting it via a VPN.

The licenses can be extracted for a maximum of 30-days, after that you will need to connect to the server again and redo this process.

Here is the steps by steps scenario you need to reproduce:

From Windows start menu, select CATIA-> Nodelock key management V5-6 R2019 (or other release of the software)

Then go to Offline management.

After Refreshing the list, you will see the available licenses. You must be connected to a network where license server is.

Select the license you want to extract. The license is represented with a trigram. If you are not familiar with them please refer to the Dassault Systèmes licensed program list:

Right click and select extract.

Select period you will extract for. 30-days is maximum time period you can check out for.

After extracting, you will find the license file in C:\programdata\dassaultsystemes\Licenses\ But you cannot copy this LIC file to another computer.

On the License Key Management software, you are able to see the time left for the extracted license.

And you can select the extracted file and put it back on server if you are finished before you expected. You must be connected to license server if you will extend the period.

When you open Catia, you will see a message if your license expires within limit set in tools/options/licensing. Default is 30 days.

And your licenses should be as usual:

Licenses must be extracted to the computer you are using the licenses on. It is not possible to copy license file to another computer, if you try you should receive a timestamp error.