Getting There – Oslo Office

By plane

There are three airports located close to Oslo, Oslo Airport Gardemoen (OSL), Moss Airport Rygge (RYG) and Torp Airport (TRF). Gardemoen the closest airport and perhaps the easiest one to use considering that you have regularly scheduled train departures headed for Oslo. Depending on where your flying from Torp and Rygge might be cheaper, but it takes longer to get into Oslo.

If you arrive at Gardemoen – take Flytoget or NSB from Oslo Lufthavn to Oslo Central Station
If you arrive at Torp – take the Torp Ekspressen airport bus to Oslo Central Station
If you arrive at Rygge – take Rygge-Ekspressen to Oslo Bus Station (which is 2 min away from Oslo Central Station)

Our Office is easy to get to by using trains or taxis from Oslo Central Station

By train

From Oslo Central Station, take L2 headed for Ski to Rosenholm station. Check with NSB to see prices and departures. From ‘Oslo S’ to ‘Rosenholm’. From Rosenholm there is a 6 min walk to Rosenholm Campus where we are located, see the Google Maps for directions

By car

Use the Google-Maps link to get directions. There is approximately a 19min drive from Oslo Central Station, and we recommend that you go by E18.


Rosenholmveien 25

1410 Kolbotn, Norway

PO Box 62, 1411 Kolbotn, Norway



Mondays to Fridays

9am to 3pm




Office (Norway): (+47) 669 92 778

Office (Denmark): (+45) 617 95 958

Sales: (+47) 922 67 681

Support: (+47) 988 16 211

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