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Simulia is Dassault Systemès brand that focuses on Realistic Simulation. The renowned Abaqus Unified FEA is the flagship of this brand – with it’s strong nonlinear and contact capabilities. Today Simulia consist of a strong portfolio of products to aid simulation-based design. Complementing Abaqus directly are FE-Safe for fatigue and durability analyses, Tosca-Structure and Tosca-Fluid for topology optimization and Isight for process automation and design exploration. The Simulia brand is continuously expanding, which is why today we cover simulations from the molecular scale with Biovia up to the logical scale with Simpack. Through heavy investments in internal R&D,  new and exciting partnerships and acquisitions of bleeding edge solutions – Simulia  can now deliver the most comprehensive simulation portfolio in the world.

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Nonlinear FEA Solution
Fatigue and Durability
Parametric Optimization
Structural Optimization
Fluid Flow Optimization

Abaqus Unified FEA

The Abaqus Unified FEA product suite offers powerful and complete solutions for both routine and sophisticated engineering problems covering a vast spectrum of industrial applications. In the automotive industry engineering groups are able to consider full vehicle loads, dynamic vibration, multibody systems, impact/crash, nonlinear static, thermal coupling, and acoustic-structural coupling using a common model data structure and integrated solver technology. Best-in-class companies are taking advantage of Abaqus Unified FEA to consolidate their processes and tools, reduce costs and inefficiencies, and gain a competitive advantage.

The Abaqus Unified FEA is a collection of different solver modules of complementary and integrated analysis tools where the three main modules are:


    a general-purpose finite element module. It can solve a wide range of problems involving static, dynamic, thermal, electrical and electromagnetic response of components. Abaqus/Standard solves a system of equations implicitly at each solution increment


    a special-purpose dynamic finite element formulation. It is suitable for modelling brief, transient dynamic events such as impact and blast problems, and is also very efficient for highly nonlinear problems involving changing contact conditions, such as forming simulations.


    a computational fluid dynamics solver. It can solve a broad class of incompressible flow problems including laminar and turbulent flow, thermal convective flow, and deforming mesh problems.

Abaqus/CAE incorporates the analysis modules into a Complete Abaqus Environment for modelling, managing and monitoring Abaqus analyses and visualizing results.

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fe-safeis the technical leader in fatigue analysis software for Finite Element models and is capable of meeting its users’ most demanding applications. It directly interfaces to all leading FEA suites and is used by leading companies in the transport and mobility, aerospace and defense, general manufacturing, power generation, marine and offshore industries worldwide to determine fatigue life and optimize designs. fe-safe is renowned for its accuracy, speed and ease of use.

fe-safe has been developed continuously since the early 1990’s in collaboration with industry to ensure that that it continues to set the benchmark for fatigue analysis software. It was the first commercially available software to focus on modern multiaxial strain based fatigue methods and the first to incorporate capabilities for non-metallic materials. fe-safe analyses metals, elastomers, thermo-mechanical and creep fatigue and employs the Verity structural stress method or the fatigue analysis of welded joints – the only commercial software to incorporate this methodology.

With fe-safe as an integrated part of the design process, customers have the ability to:

  • Accurately identify fatigue hotspots
  • Optimize design to use less material
  • Reduce product recalls and warranty costs
  • Validate design and test programsimprove correlation between test and analysis within a single user interface
  • Reduce prototype test times.
  • Increase confidence that your product design pass their test schedules as “right first time”
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Isight & the Simulia Execution Engine

In today’s complexproduct development and manufacturing environment, designers and engineers are using a wide range of software tools to design and simulate their products. Often, chained simulation process flows are required in which the parameters and results from one software package are needed as inputs to another package and the manual process of entering the required data can reduce efficiency, slow product development, and introduce errors in modeling and simulation assumptions. SIMULIA provides market-leading solutions that improve the process of leveraging the power of various software packages. Isight and the SIMULIA Execution Engine (formerly Fiper) are used to combine multiple cross-disciplinary models and applications together in a simulation process flow, automate their execution across distributed compute resources, explore the resulting design space, and identify the optimal deign parameters subject to required constraints.

Our proven simulation automation and optimization solutions enable engineering teams to:

  • Drastically reduce design cycle time through integrating workflow processes in an automated environment
  • Deliver more reliable, better-quality products through accelerated evaluation of design alternatives
  • Lower hardware investments through effective use of legacy systems and more efficient job distribution
  • Eliminate the bottlenecks of ineffective communication by enabling secure design collaboration among partners
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Tosca Structure

Optimize with Abaqus, Ansys or MSC Nastran.
Tosca Structure is the market leading technology for structural optimization based on industry standard FEA packages (Abaqus, Ansys, MSC Nastran). It allows for rapid and reliable design of lightweight, rigid and durable components and systems. Using topology optimization with Tosca Structure.topology you obtain optimal design proposals already during the conceptual design stage. Specific detail improvements through shape and bead optimization respectively make your design ready for production. With Tosca Structure.sizing you find optimized sheet thicknesses even for large scale applications with up to millions of design variables. The result are designs with optimal weight, stiffness and dynamic behavior.

Key benefits:

  • Economic use of exisiting IT investments
  • Faster turnaround from analyses to design or manufacturing
  • Less prototypes or “right the first time”
  • Accelerated product development for a shorter time-to-market
  • More durable and lightweight designs
  • Optimized products drive innovations in your market

Technical Highlights:

  • Seamless integration with leading FEA & Durability solvers
  • Direct use of existing knowledge and models
  • Full design flexibility without time-consuming parameterization
  • Fast and easy creation of design variants avoiding intermediate CAD modifications using shape morphing capabilities
  • High fidelity optimization for nonlinear analysis and durability
  • Simultaneous optimization to meet static, dynamic, and thermo-mechanical requirements
  • Handling of complex manufacturing conditions
  • Automatic validation analysis runs and direct data transfer to CAD systems with selected graphical user interfaces

Tosca Fluid

Design Concepts and CFD Optimization for Fluid Flow.
Tosca Fluid features unique design and non-parametric fluid flow topology optimization for components and systems. Utilize full design flexibility and create an innovative, optimized design concept for defined design spaces and flow tasks. No initial design is necessary. Only one solver run is needed using industry-standard CFD solvers.

Tosca Fluid Key benefits:

  • Economic use of exisiting IT investments
  • Automated design development leads to less physical testing and a reduction in the number of prototypes
  • Shorter development cycles by combining design and optimization of fluid flow tasks early in the design process
  • Advanced designs with higher product performance and reduced energy consumption
  • Faster time-to-market for innovative designs

Technical Highlights:

  • Seamless integration with leading CFD solvers (Star-CCM+, ANSYS Fluent) permits consistent reusability of exisiting CFD-models, as well as high quality results
  • Full design flexibility without time-consuming parameterization, scripting and code coupling
  • Innoavtive design ideas based on defined flow task and available design space, no initial design is necessary
  • Optimal utilization of the given design space
  • Works for industrial large scale models with arbitrary complex design spaces
  • A single CFD-solver run is sufficient for the optimization
  • Uses CFD-analysis tools for automated design development with a focus on reduced pressure drop and improved flow uniformity
  • High fidelity optimization to reduce noise level and improve flow split ratio
  • Powerful graphical user interface for easy postprocessing and geometry generation of optimized design proposals
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